Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The heat is on!

As we wait for June to dawn in just a few hours the heat is already on!  We are experiencing 93 to 95 degree highs already, coupled with absolutely no rain and high humidity, equals heat index somewhere north of 100.  And this is just the last day of May.  And with June 1st we begin the high anxiety of hurricane season and the daily weather feature of looking at satelitte photos of the Gulf, Caribbean and Atlantic, even when nothing is out there.  Predictions are this will be an active hurricane season.  True definition of an active hurricane season: if one hits you!

Followers of yours truly know that I'm not a fan of this time of year; at least in comparison to the wonderful cool delightful weather that is fall and winter.  Summer also is a time of much grass cutting for me and more chores outdoors.  Actually, I really like being outside; from October through early April.  Oh well, can't avoid it.

June has some exciting highlights: ordinations a plenty to the diaconate and priesthood(and this year some very impressive numbers being ordained), my wife and I celebrate anniversary # 34, KC banquets, America's Got Talent(sorry, I like it) and vacations(although this year I have not yet planned one).  But on balance, June for me is just the intense start to 100 days of heat.

June challenges me to remember that I should praise God, in the heat as well as the cold, praise God in the summer as well as the fall, praise God when cutting grass as well as, well, not cutting grass.  So in June I also look forward to the many saint feast days, Ascension and Pentecost, 1st Friday Adoration & Benediction, the many Masses I will assist as Deacon, including preaching, at least one Baptism, preparing two couples for their marriage and my visits to Rayburn prison.  So despite my misgivings, when left to God's plan, I love June; heat and all!

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