Friday, July 30, 2010

On the home front

On a personal note tonight; life is somewhat getting back to normal. Over the past two weeks I've been living the batchelor life; well kind of. My wife headed west to be with her mom during a serious illness. This occured while our daughter was in England at summer classes. So it was classic home alone for the deacon while work continued and ministry continued and the grass still grows and the clothes need washing.

But last night, in just two short hours I got both my girls home. Wendy arrived back from Texas around 9 p.m. and Elizabeth landed at the airport around 11 p.m. Despite the late hour, I could not be more happy. Well into the early hours of Friday morning Elizabeth entertained us with stories of London and Dublin and Paris and Rome and Barcelona. And Wendy updated us on the improving, yet still serious condition of her mom.

I thought about how amazingly unselfish my wife is; going to the aid of her mom while putting so many things on hold for two weeks. And there was many touch and go moments so it was no easy time for her. By God's will my mother-in-law is improving and I know very grateful for the love and support from Wendy and Wendy's sister too.

I also thought about what an amazing trip my daughter experienced. In so many ways it was a life changing event. I'm so amazed at all the places she traveled, things she saw and experienced all while gaining 6 more hours of college credit.

I am truly blessed by the people in my life.

I've talked before about all the people who also came to help me in my two week aloneness. Some truly amazing friends showed me the meaning of love, serving Him by serving others.

So tonight, I prepare to go to bed, happy that Wendy & Elizabeth are home, safe and sound, and that God is always in control.

Like I always pray to get through all the times in our lives: Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. Hebrews 13:8.

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