Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Now what? What should a faithful Catholic do?

So here we sit on this Wednesday morning with two flawed candidates, assuming of course it will be Clinton vs. Trump.  One candidate is almost enthusiastic in support of killing babies, right up to delivery, any reason, any time.  She is a hero to evil machinery of Planned Parenthood.  She also is very favorable to anything proposed by the far extreme wings of the radical LGBT lobby.  These things alone should give pause to any faithful Catholic to never support Clinton.  The other candidate is problematic too; strongly adhering to liberal exceptions for abortion while proclaiming more than once that Planned Parenthood does some things that are good.  He too seemed to express support for the anyone use any bathroom they want scenario.  So what in the world is a faithful Catholic to do?

One of the more vocal Bishops in America about all things voting is Bishop Tobin of  Rhode Island.  Given this same scenario a few years ago in his states gubernatorial election, and following the guidance of USCCB policy has declared the following:

Given the choice like we face now, faithful Catholics have the right to:
Not vote
Write in vote
Vote for the lesser of two evils.

Not without controversy, the latter is presented as a viable option.  This will take some discernment and force faithful Catholics to do plenty of due diligence.  Not to mention we have not even addressed the many other policy issues that both candidates fail when compared to authentic Catholic teaching, like immigration, preferential option for the poor, and any other of a myriad of issues.

Here is an article by Bishop Tobin and other info to ponder:

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