Saturday, December 26, 2020

One of the many things so cool about being Catholic

 Among all the many things about being Catholic is the events of these days and the days to come.  Unlike other Christian faith traditions, Catholics usually (non-pandemic years) pack churches for the Christmas liturgy.  Between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day we have options for the vigil mass, the mass of the evening (Midnight Mass), the mass at dawn and the mass during the day.

And we rejoice that these celebrations are but the start of the Christmas season.  This year, with Christmas falling on a Friday, we return joyfully to church today and tomorrow and will celebrate the Feast of the Holy Family.  Note: Saturday morning's liturgy was for the Feast of St. Stephen.  But starting with vigil masses this afternoon we will hear the story of the Holy Family bringing Jesus for his presentation at the temple and the meeting with Anna and Simeon.  And beautifully, we will still be singing Christmas carols today and beyond!

So join us for mass this weekend as we continue to celebrate Christmas by celebrating the Holy Family, JMJ+

Merry Christmas!

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