Sunday, November 17, 2019

Saints observations has they defeat the Tampa Bay Bucs

1.  Gut check win after last week's disaster.
2.  Nice overall effort by a defense without key player Marshon Lattimore.
3.  How about 4 interceptions.  Great job.
4.  A pick 6 INT sealed the game and it could not have happened to a more deserving guy.
5.  Defensive line had steady pressure; could have used more sacks.
6.  Saints offense is STILL not right.  Too many FG's and not enough TD's early on and then little to no offense after the 20-0 lead.
7.  Despite that I was very impressed with backup OL Nick Easton pressed into service today because of injury to Andrus Peat.
8.  Overall the OL played very well.
9.  Drew Brees played ok, certainly managed the game, but did not look 100% to me.
10.  Michael Thomas, how many more accolades can you lay upon that guy?
11.  Alvin Kamara came back big time, he had over 150 yards and well over 20 touches.  That is great news!
12.  Here is the big problem:  Saints have a growing WR problem after Michael Thomas.
13.  Jared Cook looked good then disappeared.
14.  Saints need to activate TE Dan Arnold.
15.  Do we need to sign a WR for help?  Yes we do.
16.  With everything being said the Saints are 8-2(remember, thank you Teddy) and now have 3 game lead with Carolina loss today.
17.  We play Carolina next, they will be angry after today.
18.  Has nothing to do with this game but what the hell is going on with the Atlanta Falcons?
19.  Taysom Hill; seems like recently teams have that figured out.
20.  Very dependable special teams including both kickers.
21.  Hey Sean Payton:  keep your distance from that fiancée, LOL.
22.  Combined with LSU and the Saints; this has been fun so far!

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