Monday, November 11, 2019

Cardinal Burke states what has been obvious for sometime

Cardinal Burke, “It’s Clear that Francis Doesn’t Want Me in Any Leadership Position”

“Throughout my priesthood, I was always criticised for being too attentive to what the pope was saying,” Cardinal Raymond Burke told Ross Douthat in an interview for the evil The New York Times (November 9).

“And now I find myself in a situation where I’m called the enemy of the pope, which I am not,” Burke added.

He states that, “I haven’t changed. I’m still teaching the same things I always taught and they’re not my ideas.”

He observes that the papacy has been altered by a “political view” where the pope is some kind of absolute monarch “who can do whatever he wants.”

However, Burke points out that a pope is not elected to change the Church’s teaching.

He realises that Francis “demoted” him, “It’s clear that the pope doesn’t want me in any leadership position, that he doesn’t see me as the kind of person he wants to be giving any strong direction to things.”

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