Friday, March 1, 2019

All the way to North Little Rock Arkansas

We made it and man it's cold compared to the 75 or so we left this afternoon in Abita.  It's only about 45 right now but Sunday morning is supposed to be 20; now that's cold.  If they even predict snow I will be heading back home Saturday after my niece's wedding.

I traveled roads I'm not sure I've been on before; could see the swollen Mississippi River part of the way then crossed the big river at Greenville Ms. into Arkansas; a drive I'm sure is new to this old seasoned traveler.

Unfortunately the drive was a little longer than we anticipated as the traffic getting away from Mardi Gras central was ridiculous and the smaller roads and highways made for slower travel.

So tomorrow my niece Jessica get's married so all my mom's grandkids will be "hitched".  Wish she could be with us.  Wendy and I look forward to witnessing the wedding.

So for now it's good night Mardi Gras world from North Little Rock!

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