Sunday, June 5, 2016

Three brothers, three Priests

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Three brothers of the Strand family have received higher calling, to become ordained priests. This family in Milwaukee is overjoyed as all their sons are ordained. "There's a combination of a very, very deep peace with a lot of excitement," said Vincent Strand. Father Jacob Strand ordained four years ago said, "I'm very excited for him. I remember my ordination day very, very fondly. It truly was one of the greatest days of my life if not the greatest day." The eldest brother, Father Luke Strand, was ordained seven years ago. "I'm surprised every day that the Lord gives me this great gift of the priesthood, so the thought of my brothers entering this vocation, and finding that same joy in it was something that was very very exciting," said Father Luke Strand. "If I had to put a geographic place where I feel like my vocation to be a priest and a Jesuit was born was really in this space," said Vincent. That was St. Joan of Arc Chapel at Marquette University. "I was here as a pre-med student at Marquette, planning to go on, get married, to have a family, be a physician," said Vincent. He felt a greater urge toward a different life. "There really was a tremendous joy but also freedom that I've never experienced before, or ever," Vincent said. 12 years later, he's back on campus to fulfill that vow with both his brothers by his side. "Tomorrow, Vince will wake up he'll still be the same man and a few hours later, by God's grace he will be eternally a different man -- a priest," said Father Jacob Strand. Edited from Fox6
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