Monday, September 5, 2011

Goodbye Lee; hello cool weather (don't tease me now)

Tropical Storm Lee has come and gone and we did OK.  We had basically 4.5 days of rain, some staedy and some pretty hard.  Unofficially we had about 17 inches of rain.  Winds never blew anywhere near 50 mph except for a stray gust or two.  And for a change, we never lost power.  It was almost as if God said you are going to relax this weekend.

So many coastal communities did suffer water damage.  The areas around Grand Isle, Lafitte and Barataria, lower Plaquemines Parish and the Northshore communities in southermost Slidell, Lacombe, Mandeville and Madisonville all had water.  We pray that those impacted personally will recover quickly.

Now that Lee is out of here we are dealing with an early September phenomena: cooler temps.  This is one of the things I live for!  Every morning this week we will be in the fifties.  That usually does not happen until mid to late October.  And no high temperature will make it to 90 all week.  What?  To tease us even more we will have less humidity and north winds.  Pinch me!

I'll need the good feel weather as I do have a busy week ahead; meetings as we get back to full schedule of CCD, the deacon classes continue, I am presiding at a wedding Saturday with rehersal Friday and liturgies this weekend.  And we certainly are getting ready for the Saints vs Green Bay season opener this Thursday night.

So adios Lee, come on cool weather and dear Lord, please keep the rest of the storms away!

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