Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Pope Francis tackles the subject of profiting from dealing in the arms industry (weapons of death)


A woman walks amongst the rubble in Rafah, PalestineA woman walks amongst the rubble in Rafah, Palestine  (AFP or licensors)

Pope denounces arms industry and condemns profitting from death

Pope Francis prays for victims of war in Ukraine, Palestine, Israel, and Myanmar, highlighting how, unfortunately, the most profitable investments are those linked to the arms industry.

By Francesca Merlo

As the Church celebrates the feast of Saint Joseph the Worker on the first day of this Marian month, Pope Francis turned his thoughts to victims of war.

Addressing the crowds in the Vatican's Paul VI Hall at his Wednesday General Audience, Pope Francis urged us not to forget "to pray for peace and for the peoples who are victims of war."

"War is always a defeat, always," reiterated the Pope.

In particular, the Holy Father asked that we pray for Ukraine, "suffering so much", and he asked that we pray for all those who live in Palestine and Israel.

The Holy Father also turned his thoughts to Rohingya refugees in Myanmar.

"Let's ask for peace, let's ask for true peace for these peoples and for the whole world"

Finally, Pope Francis reminded all those present that unfortunately "today the investments that yield the most income are the factories of weapons." Profitting from death, he repeated, is "terrible."

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