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Papal Sunday Angelus 02.25.2024


Pope at Angelus: Let's open ourselves to the light of Jesus!

During his weekly Sunday Angelus, Pope Francis offers the faithful a 'good Lenten resolution', inviting them to open themselves to the light of Jesus and to never let anything divert their glance from it.

By Deborah Castellano Lubov

"Let's open ourselves to the light of Jesus, and let's never be diverted from His light!" This was the invitation Pope Francis gave the faithful today at noon during his weekly Angelus address.

In his remarks this Second Sunday of Lent, the Pope recalled the day's Gospel reading according to St. Mark, which tells of the Transfiguration.

After announcing to His disciples His Passion, Jesus takes with Him Peter, James, and John, ascends a high mountain, and there He physically manifests Himself in all His glory, showing the light "that is Jesus."

From this "light," the Holy Father underscored, "the disciples must never again divert their eyes," especially in moments of trial, such as those close to the Passion.

The message, the Pope pointed out, is "Never divert your eyes from the light of Jesus."

“Here is the message: never divert your eyes from the light of Jesus.”

The Pope compared this act to what farmers used to do in the past when plowing fields, focusing their gaze on a specific point ahead of them, keeping their eyes fixed on the goal, to trace straight furrows.

"This is what we Christians are called to do in the journey of life," he said, "always keep before our eyes the radiant face of Christ."

Lenten Resolution

Calling on everyone to welcome the Lord's light, the Pope said, "He is love and endless life," that accompanies, in every way, our existence.

To help us do this, the Pope encouraged regular prayer, listening to the Word, and the Sacraments.

The Pope went on to offer "a Lenten resolution" to the faithful, namely to open their gaze to become "seekers of light," seekers of "the light of Jesus, in prayer and in people."

“Here is a good resolution for Lent: cultivate open gazes, become 'seekers of light,' seekers of the light of Jesus, in prayer and in people.”

Are our eyes fixed on Christ?

Pope Francis went on to urge the faithful to join him in asking themselves some key questions. "In my journey, do I keep my eyes fixed on Christ Who accompanies me? And to do this, do I make room for silence, prayer, and adoration?"

In addition, he said we ought to examine, "Do I seek out every little ray of Jesus' light, which is reflected in me and in every brother and sister I encounter? And do I remember to thank the Lord for this?"

Pope Francis concluded by praying that Mary, "radiant with the light of God," might help us "to keep our gaze fixed on Jesus, and to look at each other with trust and love."

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