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The universality of the Church: The Ordination of an Archbishop in Pakistan


Episcopal Ordination in Angola of Archbishop Germano Penemote presided over by Cardinal Parolin.Episcopal Ordination in Angola of Archbishop Germano Penemote presided over by Cardinal Parolin. 

Cardinal Parolin: 'You are an ambassador of the Pope, Holy See and Christ'

On Saturday, 12 August, the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, presides over Holy Mass for the Episcopal Ordination of Archbishop Germano Penemote, appointed by Pope Francis as Apostolic Nuncio to Pakistan.

By Father Bernardo Suate - Vatican City

The joy of the Church in the Diocese of Ondjiva and that of the entire Angolan Church could not be contained on Saturday as they witnessed the country’s very own son assume the responsibility of carrying on the mission of Apostolic Nuncio.

In his homily at the episcopal ordination, Cardinal Parolin told the congregation: “I have come to share your joy.”

The Lord gives grace to those he chooses

Commenting on the liturgy of the day, Cardinal Parolin stressed that it is God who is at the origin of every vocation and, with his grace, gives strength, courage and wisdom to the one who is chosen, consecrated and sent. However, God’s initiative must be matched by humankind’s free response.

The Cardinal admonished his listeners that it is not an exclusively private relationship between the One who calls and the person who is called since every vocation always aims at a mission.

“A mission to console and reconcile, to give hope and make possible the encounter between God and people, so that the latter may be saved,” explained the Cardinal.

Thanksgiving, praise and adoration spring forth

As a result, thanksgiving, praise and adoration spring forth, as “we see in the liturgies of Africa, characterised by a joy that is very palpable in the way of praying, singing and participating,” Cardinal Parolin said.

And when one is called, as Bishop of the Church, to collaborate especially with the Lord for the salvation of all, the hymn of joy becomes even more intense. The gratitude is even more significant, just as the sense of responsibility and commitment of the one who is called to this honour and to such service must be more meaningful, Cardinal Parolin emphasised:

“This is precisely what is happening to you, dear Archbishop Germano! You are called to be an ambassador of the Holy Father, ambassador of the Holy See and ambassador of Christ. It is an honour and a splendid mission,” he told the newly ordained Arcbhishop.

You are an ambassador, the Cardinal Secretary of State insisted, of Good News for humanity, letting them know that they are not condemned to repeat, in new forms, the usual tragedies resulting from wars and fratricidal struggles. On the contrary, they are invited to recognise themselves as brothers and sisters and work with all means to build and strengthen paths of peace, solidarity and civilisation.

Strengthen the faithful in Pakistan

to be a credible worker of peace who brings the reconciliation that God offers humans and to be an ambassador of good, it is necessary to love God and neighbour as Christ loved to the point of dying on the Cross said the Cardinal.

And in connection with his mission, Cardinal Parolin reminded Archbishop Germano Penemote to strengthen the Catholic faithful in Pakistan in their faith so that they can seek ways of dialogue with the faithful of Islam and other religions.

“This is an essential dialogue so that we recognise ourselves as brothers regardless of differences and to remove all risk of the manipulation of religion and any unacceptable legitimisation of violence,” said the Cardinal.

May Mary, Mother of God and Mother of the Church assist your journey. May her Immaculate Heart, particularly venerated here in Angola, make your task as Apostolic Nuncio and your mission as Bishop effective and fruitful - concluded the Cardinal Secretary of State.

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