Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Welcome to the return of Ordinary Time in the Liturgical Life of the Church

On the Monday after Pentecost the Church resumes Ordinary time with the 8th week.  Ordinary Time will continue all the way to the Saturday before the first Sunday of Advent.  So from yesterday, May 29th until December 2nd we will be in Ordinary Time.  Ordinary Time is when we see the green vestments, except for various feasts and memorials.

With Ordinary Time we also see the end of the Easter Candle lit for every liturgy.  Now, the Easter Candle is lit only for the celebration of Baptisms and for funerals.  Ordinary Time is that period of time when we hear so much of the Scriptures as detailed in the 2-year cycle for daily masses and the 3-year cycle for Sunday masses.

Ordinary time does not imply anything other than the liturgical season of the year.  Ordinary time is when we still experience the extraordinary in all things faith and worship.  The Mass is still the Mass, the readings are still the powerful Word of God, the Sacraments still dispense Grace and the Eucharist is still the source and summit of our faith.

The first two Sunday's in Ordinary Time will be marked by special Solemnities so we will still witness white vestments.  This coming Sunday we celebrate the Most Holy Trinity and the following Sunday we celebrate the Most Holy Body & Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi).

So we look forward to worshipping together in the most Holy Season of Ordinary Time.

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