Monday, November 8, 2021

November 6th was one year since this happened to me

 On November 6th I realized it was one year to the day since my long-time banking career came to a most disappointing end.  When I look back at my social media back then I was both angry and somewhat devastated.  In truth, I was simply concerned about immediate and possibly long-term impacts on my family, our finances and future security.  When I also glance at that same social media I received so many encouraging and uplifting comments, prayers and other offers of support.

Many reminded me to be open to whatever God's plans for me might be and that's my main focus in writing this post.  Less than one week after the events of that fateful Friday, I was asked to join the staff at my parish church and help with  various administrative and liturgical functions.  Since we were still in the middle of Covid19 chaos and our pastor was on a short leave, I accepted.  Of course as many of us know, a part-time salary at the church is not going to approach banker income.  However, going to work with the church has been more blessings than ever and so many grace-filled opportunities to serve the people of God.  Needless to say, my wife and I worked on other opportunities to recover other income opportunities and we have come out on the other side ok.  God truly was in charge of everything and helped guide me in ways that have made the loss of a career far less painful.  

So as that one year mark passed there is no looking back as I can concentrate on faith, family and health.

No matter what may come your way in life, never give up on prayer, never doubt and always depend completely on God for everything.  He indeed opens windows when others try and slam shut doors.

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