Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Update from the evacuated Deacon

 On this Tuesday me and my family are in day 11 of the great Hurricane Ida evacuation.  Important to note is that we all are returning home tomorrow if we can handle the nearly 10 hour drive with 4 adults, 2 kiddos and 2 dogs.  All homes are back with power but there is absolutely no internet and that could still be quite awhile.

Yes, I am anxious to get home, assess the damage and formulate a plan.  While the house seems ok, the tree damage is substantial as is some of the buildings out back on the property.

I cannot wait to join up with my parish family as many of them have gone above and beyond and organized a relief drive for the community.  Outstanding job by these parishioners and sharing the mission of Christ with those impacted by the storm.

Going forward I do not know what posting will be like as we first travel and then land back in the world of no internet.  Even the church parish offices do not have internet.  So we will see how blogging goes in the post Ida return reality.

Keep all who were impacted by Hurricane Ida in your prayers.

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