Thursday, September 2, 2021

Post Hurricane Ida update from abitadeacon

 So we are still away from home; day 6.  We left Saturday, Ida ravaged my neighborhood Sunday and we are estimated to be without power at least another week(although I hear the linemen are providing heroic service).  Yesterday we left Greenville Alabama and drove 8 hours, with two toddlers and two crazy dogs, and landed somewhere just north of Disney World.  Yep, you herd it.  In fact my daughter and granddaughter are at the House of Mouse as we speak.  Nona and Pops get to stay home and watch Walker and the dogs but don't feel bad for us.  Home is beautiful, huge, big time pool and all the TV and internet you can stand; not to mention electricity and AC.

As I read updates from home I am saddened by the devastation, the challenges, the hardships and at the same time inspired and encouraged by all the good citizens, volunteers and others taking care of each other, helping out and doing whatever it takes to survive and help neighbors.  When an area gets hit like this we are all in it together.  In fact, I feel a little guilty but trust me, evacuating is not without it's own set of challenges and complications.  And damn expensive too.

Slowly but surely churches will be back celebrating masses; many are already.  Other churches in the Archdiocese have huge challenges to overcome.  My home parish is having mass, organizing clean up crews and collecting and distributing much needed supplies.  God Bless the folks of dear St. Jane de Chantal in Abita Springs.

My plan is to stay another several days so the family can enjoy Disney and we, hopefully will have power restored soon.  If not, await plan C.

Pray for all who were impacted by this horrible hurricane.  Louisiana strong!   Abita Springs strong!  St. Jane de Chantal Parish strong!

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