Monday, August 30, 2021

The saga and the travel log of a hurricane fleeing Deacon

Hurricane Ida hit us yesterday and she hit us hard.  This hurricane was not Katrina but in some ways, many ways, she was worse.  A lot of damage and most of the deaths from Katrina came from a man-made levee failure, although Katrina was a bad storm.  Ida was bad too.  Almost all of southeast Louisiana, a place home to probably 2.5 million plus, is damaged and with no electricity, spotty cell and internet service and plenty of  lives challenged.  It's also home to plenty of "helpers" who come to the aid of their neighbor.

For me and my family we left; got out of ground zero Saturday early.  And although my home and my daughter's home is relatively fine there is tree damage and no power, which means no water or sewer for me.  It appears we can reasonably expect no power, no internet and no water for at least 2 weeks.  Therefore we have made plans to stay away until September 8th.

It's hard to leave but after Katrina we vowed to go anytime these storms grow big and lately that's what they do.  So pray for me and my family as we sojourn across the south in search of safe weather, full electricity and safety and comfort.  And pray for all my family, friends, neighbors, parishioners trying to survive in damaged homes and no way to escape the late summer heat and humidity.  I'll update later; this is all I have for now.

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