Thursday, August 12, 2021

Live Jesus! Remembering St. Jane de Chantal on this, her feast day

 Live Jesus!

I greet you all, my dearest Sisters and Brothers, with the very greeting that our great and worthy Father (Francis de Sales) taught us:  LIVE JESUS!  Yes, I say the words with intense delight: LIVE JESUS in our memory, in our will, and in all our actions!  Have in your thoughts only Jesus, in your will have only the longing for his love, and in your actions have only obedience and submission in his good pleasure, not only in externals, but, much more, in your interior spirit: a spirit of gentle cordiality toward one another, a spirit of recollection of your whole being before our divine Master, and that true, sincere humility which makes us simple and gentle as lambs.  Finally, strive for that loving union of hearts which brings about a holy peace and the kind of blessing we should desire to have in the house of God and his holy Mother.

Live Jesus!

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