Saturday, January 16, 2021

Quick note from the Abitadeacon!

 Here I am in beautiful, although, very cold North Carolina.  Due to circumstances that have been helpful this recently unemployed and now employed, thankfully but not at income levels recently enjoyed, has been able, along with Wendy, to finally achieve our "Christmas" visit with our NC family.  In about one hour from writing this we will be visiting our first two grandchildren, Calvin, now 8+, and Katelyn, incredibly 5, or as she will readily tell you, 5 and a half!

So please forgive me if blogging ebbs and flows a bit; from today thru Tuesday evening, my focus will be those two and their parents too.  As I say all the time; they are my NC family!

And good news: the kids have both Monday and Tuesday off so it will be all day long fun for Pops and Nona.

While I'm here, I will be praying for all my family, our safe travels, the nation, especially in the coming days and my home parish family of St. Jane de Chantal in Abita Springs/St. Michael's in Bush.

Hey, your prayers are always very welcomed!

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