Sunday, January 10, 2021

For the first time in a long time: How 'bout dem Saints

 So I avoided doing sports posts for most of this past year of pandemic.  I mean LSU was in serious rebuild mode and it looked like enthusiasm for the Saints would be low; all that protest crap.  I was somewhat uninterested in the early days of this season, but with winning comes all kind of cures.  The Saints ran off a 9 game winning streak and were sitting pretty at 11-2.  All of this despite a long absence of Drew Brees, longer absence of Michael Thomas, even Alvin Kamara and all the running backs dealing with Coronavirus.  Tough losses to Philadelphia (totally unacceptable) and then Kansas City (totally understandable) were followed with great wins against the Minnesota Vikings on Christmas day followed by another win against Carolina.  The Saints actually went 6-0 against the entire NFC South.

Today we arrived at the playoffs for the 4th year in a row.  The opponent is the Bears of Chicago.  While the Saints were anything but flashy, the defense was good all night, Brees and the offense had enough in the tank and Saints win 21-10.  But the big news down here is the matchup next week, Saints vs. Bucs; Brees vs. Brady.  While the Saints dominated Tampa Bay in both regular season match-ups, they are red hot right now and you can tell Brady knows this is playoff time.  The big question: can one team, the Saints, beat another team, the Bucs, 3 times in one football season?  Only time and a week of practice and preparation will tell.

Count me among the fans who, while appreciating these last four seasons and playoff wins followed by playoff disappointments, I only want a return trip to the Super Bowl.  And with all the rumors whirling that Brees is about to retire, it might be Super Bowl or bust.  But again, time will tell.

So tonight thanks  Saints for what is now a 13-4 season with two more games until the Super Bowl.

So again, tonight, I say, how 'bout dem Saints!

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