Tuesday, December 29, 2020

I'm losing my long time source of news from Rome, the Vatican; Zenit English now out of business

 Jesus on the Cross

ZENIT - By HSM - San Gioacchino In Prati Church - 2015

IMPORTANT NOTE: Zenit English Thanks Readers and Supporters

Operations Suspended Today

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Every Christmas is unique and the real Christmas is the birth of Christ. The Child Jesus comes to us with His smile and open arms offering us all His love.

Each New Year brings changes and challenges. That certainly has been true in 2020.

To this unusual year, given the family, economic, political and social circumstances caused by COVID-19, is added the suspension of Zenit’s daily and weekly services in Spanish, English, and Italian — 23 years of service to the Pope and to the Church, with the best team that any means of communication could have, with unbounded commitment:

  •  To delicacy and respect for all the topics addressed,
  •  To remaining untiring in adversity,
  •  To seek truth over recognition,
  •  To thinking always of the good of Zenit’s readers.

We give thanks to each and every employee and collaborator.

We especially thank the readers and subscribers for their loyalty and perseverance in following our services for their personal good and that of others: a responsibility we have never forgotten, which encouraged us to carry out our daily work. THANK YOU.

Heartfelt thanks to the donors with whose support we have been able to reach here. Thanks to you, we have been a means of communication which has lived of its readers’ donations, and whose exigency has been to carry forward evangelization to all corners of the world. Thanks to you, 23 are many years serving the Pope and the Church. THANK YOU.

Thanks to all the members of the Catholic Church who have helped us to do our work, from the Vatican to Episcopal Conferences, Dioceses, parishes, convents, and monasteries. THANK YOU.

Let us pray to the Child Jesus to guide and accompany us throughout 2021. Place at His feet in the Nativity Scene all that we have accomplished together, which only He knows. Christ came into the world to save us and to bring us peace. Through Zenit, we have transmitted this message to all.

All of us who have served the English edition of Zenit have our readers in our prayers and ask your prayers for us as we serve the Church in the future.

This is our last news dispatch but the mission of evangelizing will continue through all of us.

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