Saturday, August 22, 2020

Double trouble for my neck of the woods. We probably can use your prayers.

Hurricane and tropical storm season is always a concern.  We've survived some biggies huh?  In my lifetime there was Betsy which forced my family to evacuate through the back door during the eye of the storm.  The roof in the front of the house was badly damaged.  That was 1965.  In 1969 we dodged a bullet with Camille, but it destroyed our good neighbors on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  After 20+ years of milder action we finally met our match in Katrina, 2005, ironically 15 years ago this week.  Katrina took a lot of lives, almost knocked out New Orleans but instead she bounced back.  I fled to North Carolina and returned to a house relatively undamaged, well, I did need a new roof, and cleaning out my refrigerator and freezer was well past gross.  We did live in the house without electricity for 25 days but managed thanks to a generator.  There have been some scares since then, like Gustav and others I've forgot.  Why all the hurricane talk?  My local readers know why but just to let you know, it now appears we are about to be hit by not one but two hurricanes; one on Monday and one following right behind on Wednesday.  Forecasters give some hope that there still could be changes but that gets less and less likely as we get closer.

The good news is both of these storms are projected to be Category 1 which means winds below 90.  Katrina, once a 5 pushed onshore a 3 which means winds above 120.  Still a Cat. 1 can do incredible damage in terms of wind driven water and rain and can make your power go out for several days.  Remember that generator I talked about; in true 2020 form, it don't work.  Yikes.

So I am waiting for future forecast tracks and I hope we will be given an idea of just how many inches of rain a back to back storm event will be.  The hurry up and waiting is tense.

Here is a look at the current forecasts and tracks:

This is Marco hitting us at 1 pm Monday

cone graphic

And this is Laura hitting us Wednesday:

cone graphic

Please pray for all of us in the path of both these hurricanes.

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