Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Clarification on condition of Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI Says Goodbye To The President Of Bavaria (C) Twitter. Markus Söder

There is no Particular Concern for Benedict XVI’s Health, Affirms his Secretary

He Is Suffering from a Painful but Not Grave Disease

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There is no particular concern for the state of health of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, said his private secretary, Monsignor Georg Ganswein, in comments published by the Holy See Press Office, at the end of the day of August 3, 2020.
His German biographer, Peter Seewald said to the PNP agency that the 93-year old Pope Emeritus is “extremely fragile “ and suffering from an infectious disease, a type of herpes on his face causing him much pain.
Peter Seewald, in fact, went to the Mater Ecclesia monastery, where Benedict XVI resides in the Vatican Gardens, to present to him his new biography of the Pope Emeritus. The latter was optimistic despite the disease of which he has been suffering since his return from Bavaria, and he hopes to be able to take up his pen again when his strength returns.
According to Monsignor Ganswein, Benedict XVI is coming out of the acute phase of the disease, which is painful but not grave. At the end of June, the Pope Emeritus visited his brother Georg in Germany, who was living his last days.

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