Friday, July 24, 2020

Friday morning update; battling Coronavirus

Friday morning and a good morning to all.  I awake today thankful to God that He gives me this day to praise and honor Him.  I am imploring God with all my prayer to heal my wife, my grandbaby Walker and son in law Mark.  I am asking God to watch over my daughter Elizabeth and give her strength and peace and to keep her and Brennan free from this virus.

For me this is the 3rd morning waking up since being diagnosed with Coronavirus.  I wish, looking back, I could say I know why and how I got this evil but it is futile.  I decided from the day of diagnosis to surrender to the worries of work and schedule and time and deadlines and all the grass growing outside.  I do worry about my family, especially the shock of learning that a precious 2 month old baby, my own grandson, has this virus.  Please help me help him with your prayers.

Coronavirus is no longer a theory to debate on FB, a concept where everyone knows even though they do not know, it's very real.  I really believed I could not get this because I was keenly aware, followed all protocols and did my part.  Coronavirus did not care.  It came and got me and now 3 members of my family.  Unless you can really still stay isolated from the world chances are you can get this too.  Why?  We live in an area where there are too many deniers, too many fans of herd immunity and a bizarre clique of folks who vehemently refuse to mask. A little aside here; despite the mandate by a Governor, the pleas of an Archbishop, our own pleas at the parish, I witnessed many non mask wearing worshippers.  Maybe I have Coronavirus because you did not wear a mask around me, then again, maybe not.

The best thing to come out of this so far has been the profound offering of prayers, masses, and help from so many.  Someone brought us groceries and food yesterday, someone is bringing lunch today.  I got a great phone call from Archbishop Aymond and his promise of prayers for my whole family.

I can tell you that this is a great waiting game.  I must assess how I feel every few hours, be aware of changes that could require a trip to the hospital.  So far so good.  But it is nerve racking.  Many people tell me faith over fear and believe me I understand that.  I don't think there is any lack of faith when you battle the uncertainties of  this disease and you feel any apprehension.  It is a reality that the battle is long and there will be many pieces to put back together.  But that's for another day.

So as I sign off for now please keep the prayers coming especially for my wife and grandbaby.  I will be remembering all of you as well.

Stay safe out there.  Be proactive in all precautions and pray for the end of this pandemic.

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