Sunday, July 26, 2020

Doing a Coronavirus update on a Sunday afternoon

Happy Sunday everyone.  Wendy and I are still battling Coronavirus at home with no escalation of symptoms as of today.  The main thing we both notice is a need to rest, as in sleep, and a heavy feeling in the arms similar to flu-like stuff.  We have managed to avoid fever and more importantly any chest congestion or pain.  We need that good news to continue until we get past day 10 or so.  I personally admit that I struggle with the inability to move around freely, to jump in the car and go or the constant foolishness on TV or even social media.

The biggest blessing so far is that so many people have really come forward to help us out.  Everything from food, grocery deliveries, pharmacy runs, even my friend who came and cut a lot of the grass before the weekend monsoon moved in.  And of course the prayers; thank you all for the prayers.  So many are offering prayer, devotions, rosaries, masses, communions, all for our recovery. Know that we feel and appreciate them all.  We truly trust that Jesus is our Divine Physician and will see us through!

As many of you know Wendy and I are also keeping up with our grandbaby Walker's progress and that of our son-in-law Mark.  They too seem to battling well and we pray for them more intensely than asking prayers for ourselves.

With Coronavirus, which I am sure is different for every victim, we try to focus on the necessary self-awareness that anything different could mean more medical intervention.  Since we have contracted this menace we both want to desperately stay away from the hospital.  It really is a hurry up and wait kind of thing; one day at a time, even one hour at a time.

While I did not believe this before catching this horror, I would encourage all of you to get tested.  Now I got lucky, I went to a clinic that had rapid testing.  Even the send off test was complete and results communicated in 4 days  time.  Any of these test sites that cannot guarantee turn around time of less than 5 days or so seem to be a disservice.  My goodness if you are tested and communicated positive 8-10-12 days later what good is that?  Check around; I think you can find a place that can accommodate you.  With the recent numbers being what they are, and my own experience, I would generally assume that in some way, you've probably been exposed.  So be safe and prudent and always err on the side of caution.

I hated missing Mass today but I have to surrender this reality.  I watched several masses on TV and caught the Latin Mass from St. Jane.  I may try and catch a few more on FB or YouTube.

I will try and do a blog post every two days or so with other updates, as needed, on FB.

For now, keep sending us love and prayers as we remember all of you in ours.

Now, some delicious leftovers await.

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  1. My husband, Jim, and I are united in prayer for you and Wendy. You are experiencing what so many of us dread. We’ve gotten a bit more paranoid, even to the point of turning to more tv masses and fewer “in person” attendance. �� I, however, do miss receiving My Lord in Communion, This is such a difficult time. We count our blessings, however, because we are in such a blessed situation more than most. We continue to pray for all of those who are so much more compromised than we are.