Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Coronavirus Day 9

Yep, 9 days ago I was told by a doctor that I was positive for Coronavirus.  Within 2 days time my wife, son-in-law and tiny grandson all were positive too.  Me and my family were among many in my state testing positive.  In fact, Louisiana is a true hot spot for this disease and we are now the #1 state per capita in new cases.  All of this began to run wild again after previous restrictions were relaxed and we saw so much social interaction around Memorial Day and then the 4th of July.  Throughout all of this I have been so careful; I wear my mask, I do not shake hands and I do everything humanly possible to social distance.  A few days before going to the doctor I noticed a cough and what seemed like classic summer head cold.  I increased the normal amount of Vitamin C and consulted a pharmacist friend for all the best over the counter stuff possible.  Honest confession time: at no time during these days did I feel like Coronavirus could ever be a possibility.  Then came Sunday a week ago, and in the middle of the day I could do nothing but go to bed and sleep, and sleep some more.  In hindsight, the cough alone should have been symptomatic enough to take action, but to me this just did not feel normal.  Thankfully my wife pushed me to go get tested and sadly the result was what it was.

Through these 9 days the symptoms have never advanced to a point of needing further action.  The cough lingers, but less severe; I have no fever, ever and I have no difficulty in breathing.  My wife does seem to battle a fever in the evenings.  Today, Wednesday, I almost feel like I'm 100% but I do not say this lightly.  I am still within the number of days they recommend I must quarantine.  I rest a lot, drink plenty of water and am taking some well recommended supplements.  No, there is no recommendation by the clinic doctors or my own internist to take hydroxychloroquine.  Certainly I've been reading a lot about this subject and it seems I do have a co-morbidity that would make taking this drug a problem.  So there is that.  We are taking lots of C and D, zinc and NAC.  I take an acid reducer but many have recommended I take Pepcid specifically.  I will call the doctor to inquire about that.

On Day 9 I want to again mention the incredible outpouring of prayers and messages of support along with many folks dropping off meals, groceries and running errands for us.  So special.  I always wonder how well I will pay forward all this kindness.

So I'll conclude by asking all so inclined to keep praying especially for my family, keep sending us good vibes and do not forget to ask us for prayers as we can all unite our prayers together.

Will try another update by Friday.

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