Friday, July 31, 2020

A view, on Day 11, from the other side of Covid19.

It's a hot, lazy Friday afternoon on the day July comes to an end and soon August begins.  For me, today is day 11, inclusive, since the dreaded diagnosis of Coronavirus.  I am most thankful to God that the symptoms remained manageable and never got to the point of needing serious treatment.  In fact, after consultation with my doctors office and the good 'ole HR team at work, I am eligible to return to the office this coming Wednesday.  I pray this plays out as I am more than ready.  Thankfully several days of lessening symptoms and no fever spell good news for simply following standard CDC quarantine protocol.  Also worthwhile to share is my wife also seems to be improving and our precious grandson has done well everyday since we got word that even he had contracted this disease.  My son-in-law too seems to be on the mend.

I know, beyond any doubt, the ongoing recovery of me and my family is tied directly to all the many prayers said on our behalf.  I have felt them for sure and know that prayer indeed works.  I hope to be as steadfast in my prayer life particularly whenever someone asks for prayers.  Since being diagnosed as positive I have become so aware of others receiving positive diagnoses.  I truly believe, especially being home so long and reading everything I can get my hands on, that Covid19 is here for awhile.  As we continue to navigate this appointed time while we deal with a real pandemic my prayer is that all will take this disease very seriously.  Yes, I am a huge advocate for wearing the mask whenever out and about.  No, I am not a crazed mask guy that is going to confront you in public or argue with you even on Facebook.  I do think it is the right thing to do along with proper social distancing and all the rest we've heard.  Yes, guidance has been incredibly confusing from time to time, but the preponderance of evidence says wear the mask.  We wear the mask at work and guidance has ramped up to the point of wearing it much more than not.  Meanwhile at church, that's been a mixed bag.  Most wear the mask as sincerely requested over and over again by our Archbishop.  Now at every Mass we offer celebrated in the Ordinary Form, I would say mask wearing is about 95%.  I do wonder sometimes why the 5% are not wearing masks despite announcement after announcement.  When it comes time for Holy Communion, the Priest and Deacon must wear a mask.  This has been mandated by the Archbishop.  Again, not every Priest in the Archdiocese complies, for the love of the God they serve, I cannot fathom the disobedience.  I am told, since I do not attend, that our one Mass offered in the Extraordinary Form, aka, the Latin Mass is almost 100% non mask wearing.  Not much I can say about that, especially since I have not witnessed this personally.  If true, what would the real reason be?  I've often heard that obedience is a difficult thing.

Earlier, I expressed shock that I contracted this disease.  Looking back, it's less of a shock even though I stay away from restaurants and bars, large social gatherings, including of the personal family type.  We order out, pick up groceries and medicines at a drive up window and wear those pesky darn masks.  I am aware of social distance and avoid handshakes and hugs.  It all seems odd, but this is what I have done and still I contracted Covid19 and possibly gave it to others, especially close loved-ones.  Now I take maximum doses of Vitamin C, D3and Zinc.  I have also been told to take NAC and an acid reducer.  Now the big question in the room, why are you not taking Hydroxychloroquine?  Short answer is no doctor I use and trust will prescribe it.  Most other doctors I know personally have said they would not prescribe it and then there is the old Talbot complication.  Talbots, including this one, have heart issues.  I have, among other "heart" things, an irregular heart beat.  I have something akin to but not actually a-fib so Hydroxychloroquine is not proper for me, even if I had the classic issues the medication has been proven to cure.  I am amused, and sometimes angered, by the many posts on social media concerning Hydroxychloroquine.  I have one simple question: why are so many who have not had Covid19 so adamant about supporting a treatment that does not have widespread approval by all types medical?  And why is your pro and con about this medicine, and other things too, based on your political beliefs?  The more "red" you seem to be, the more you believe in Hydroxychloroquine while at the same time detest the mask.  The more "blue" you seem to be, the more interested in wearing the mask while being adamantly opposed to the medication.  I find this incredibly confusing, especially, like I said earlier, the most vocal and boorish folk don't have Covid19, did not have it or know anyone close to them as having it either.  Let me ask this; knowing that Deacon Mike Talbot believes in masks and is not in love with Hydroxychloroquine can you predict how I am going to vote in November?  Can you tell me what political party I favor or not?  Can you judge the level of my faithfulness in my personal walk with God, the Church and my ministry as a Deacon?  Hmmm.

Please know that these are but my personal thoughts now informed by being a victim of Covid19 who has been much more concerned about my family members who have this disease.  And know that anyone who disagrees with me is just that, someone who disagrees with me.  No animosity or disliking of the other who thinks as they think and holds beliefs, strong or otherwise, in an opposite fashion.  It concerns me though that such disparity in following medical guidance and proper authority, whether governmental or ecclesial, will be a long term hindrance to getting ahead of this very nasty thing.  I used to add something like time will tell but time marches on as we are now almost 5 months in to this pandemic.

Another word of thanks to all the kind people, family, friends and neighbors, who have run our errands, picked up groceries or dropped off wonderful home-cooked meals.  We could not have navigated these past two weeks without you caring and love.  A true witness to Christ, everyone of you!

So now we prepare for August and navigating life in yet another month while Coronavirus rages around us.  I pray that all of us stay safe, avoid the illness and grow in love of Christ by loving one another; our brothers and sisters in the Lord.  May we persevere in faith and not give into fear and move forward together.

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