Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Another month, in the disaster that is 2020, is gone; here comes July and all it's uncertainties

Usually this time of year I write a long article about the heat, cutting grass, how I hate summer, and can't stand hurricanes and tropical storms.  Well this year is no different it just amongst the crap fest that is 2020.

Quite simply, as we Catholics go deeper into what we call Ordinary Time, there is precious little ordinary.  Despite what we were told in April and even May, the high heat of June would wash the Coronavirus out, Phase 2 would easily transition to Phase 3 and we all would be living the high life.

Wrong and wrong and wrong some more.  Coronavirus is actually on the grow, spiking, changing the dynamic with each twist and turn.  Despite the different political camps claiming this and accusing thus, the economy is pretty much in shambles.  Yes, hopeful signs exist, and more people are trying hard than giving up, but there are plenty of underlying signs that are not good.  And if that was not enough, let's expose some high profile, really bad cop action, resulting in the death of several unarmed black citizens, most notably George Floyd and the nation is set on fire.  Yes, there have been many peaceful protests and more progress made in the social condition, but continued police abuse and murder must end and destroying other people's lives and properties must end too.  Oh how we need some help.

So far the Deacon has managed to avoid the bad illness and tries very hard.  Let me tell you before this gets more lengthy: I wash my hands so much more than pre Covid-19, I am almost a stock holder in hand sanitizer, and yes, I wear a mask.  And I believe you should too.  You see I do believe you are protecting me by wearing a mask as I do my best to protect you.  No need to debate this because you will not change my mind.  Wendy, while never having Coronavirus, just never catches a break with all things medical.  She had fever and an internal infection then a viral infection which resulted in dozens of fever blisters inside her mouth.  Sounds gross, huh?  Yep, it was.  Thankfully she is all healed up now and trying to get active.

We began the month with Wendy still living in Slidell assisting my daughter as we welcomed her newest, Walker, into the world in late May.  Practicing strict social distancing, it would take his baptism, just a few days ago, to finally hold my 4th grandchild.  Walker is a great little baby, doing great and was a trooper for his baptism; never crying a peep.  I love how responsive to him our granddaughter Brennan has been and seems to like her role as big sister.  But she is also very much a 27-month old.  I jokingly told my daughter there was a reason why we waited many years between kids.  Of course there is much more to that story.

Wendy returned home from her 2month sleep-over, primarily because she got sick.  I had a pretty good little bachelor routine going here at home.  I was both remarkably and surprisingly efficient.  I began a new routine I think is going to become permanent: bed time by 9 pm if not sooner!!  I wake up feeling great or at least better.

I surely need to acknowledge that time for being more efficient comes in part because not everything is wide open thanks to the pandemic.  Tuesday night Bible study; we've postponed resumption until September, prison ministry is still not allowed by the state department of corrections; surely miss those guys.  KC meetings on Thursday night just resumed recently.  We still live stream masses and are limited to 50% in attendance so even assisting at mass feels a little different.  And just a week ago, I preached for the first time since March 8th.

Today I completed the month of June by assisting and preaching at the funeral mass of a local icon, Ed Jeanfreau, who was our charter Grand Knight, charter Faithful Navigator and a pioneer in building a really robust Pro-Life program at St. Jane parish.

So tomorrow is July 1st.  Know what?  That means many more days of high heat and humidity, grass that grows too fast and the ever present threat of something tropical.  But can we predict what will happen with Coronavirus or the current state of racial tension or the economy or the approaching national election?  The answer is no because all those things are unpredictable and subject to change.  But unchangeable is God's love for us, His desire to be with us always.  Despite everything that 2020 has become, God is on the throne and very much in charge.  And Jesus is still the Savior who died for us to save us.  The Holy Spirit is still our source of His seven-fold gifts.  And the church, Holy Mother Church, is still there for us, even in times of anxiety, stress and uncertainty.  It's the only thing certain these days!

You bet I'm concerned about all the things we have been through since 2020 rolled around but I am going to wake up on July 1st with as much energy and faith I can muster.  I have an awesome family including those 4 grandchildren and a life that includes my ordained commitment to serve God by serving others.  So let's plan to see each other, to traverse together, the July that God gives us.

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