Thursday, May 21, 2020

Oh it's a Deacon Mike random thoughts yet happy thoughts night

On this Thursday night I am sky high after meeting for the first time grandbaby #4.  My daughter Elizabeth with husband Mark welcomed their second child on Tuesday.  This is my 2nd grandson and his name is Walker Holden James!!  In this time of so much uncertainty around Covid-19 I could only see him from a distance greater than 6 ft. and behind my newest companion, my mask.  Walker was not too impressed with me as he slept for the duration of my visit.  And because I saw Walker I also saw Brennan who is so perfect for a 26 month old.

Today is about day 16 or 17 since Wendy went to be of assistance to Elizabeth and Mark so it's just me and Delilah holding down the fort.  I have been the beneficiary of some really nice meals cooked by my son-in-law Mark and a dear friend and brother KC Don.  Thank you both.  I'm not sure how much longer Wendy will stay but I think it should be at least another month.

At work we are trying to get used to being fully opened now in our branch lobby.  It's been ok except I do not understand one thing: bigger than life on our front door it says do not enter without a face covering.  My best guess, 30% wear a mask and no one acts like they've seen the sign.  Hey, keep your opinions to yourself, this is our policy for entrance so please wear a mask when you come to see me and my team at the bank.  You all know who you are.

Same thing with church, although the results are much better with one exception.  We can have masses for crowds no bigger than 25% of fire marshal seating capacity.  That's about 75 souls in our church and another 40 in our mission.  No problems with people keeping the numbers right, no problems with masks for all masses except one.  And that's all I'm going to say about that for now.  What is most important is we are doing our part to get the Mass to the people within the guidelines available to us and for those souls to get to communion.  Most are so appreciative.  Some, incredibly are not.

As a Deacon, laying low as we prepared for the birth of Walker I am way past anxious to get busy with assisting, preaching, baptizing, leading Bible study and of course, visiting and ministering in prison.

Soon and very soon, I pray!

Meanwhile I will spend time in prayer praising and thanking God for the gift of Walker, of family, of blessings, of faith, of Holy Orders.

Oh, a picture:

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