Sunday, November 10, 2019

Saints observations from today's Falcons disaster

1.  Overall Saints performance was total crap.
2.  Saints performed as if they never prepared for the Falcons.
3.  Atlanta laughed all day long at their dominance of the Saints.
4.  Defense was pathetic and so was the offense; total team failure.
5.  Hey Coach Peyton, get engaged in the off-season damnit.
6.  Saints defense could not stop anything on 3rd down; not a good sign.
7.  Our defensive line was non existent today.
8.  Did we sleepwalk all through the off week?
9.  Saints statistically made Atlanta look like the Patriots or 49'ers.
10.  Where the hell did this come from.
11.  Tell me someone who played well today?
12.  Will Clapp is terrible.
13.  Not scoring a TD today should be an embarrassment that haunts the Saints for sometime.
14.  Depending on the Panthers game today are we trying to give up the division to the team from Carolina?
15.  I guess this is why they play the game, huh?
16.  Let's be honest, Brees sucked today and so did his offensive line.
17.  Saints can either regroup from this or implode; what will it be?
18.  There isn't anything else to say, Saints may have played their worse game since the Katrina season of 2005.

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