Friday, November 1, 2019

Morning Papal Homily from Thursday

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Santa Marta: Love that Plays its Last Card

The Love of God ‘is tears of tenderness in Jesus’

The love of God is a love “always waiting”, which “plays its last card … until the end”, Pope Francis affirmed during the morning Mass that he celebrated at the Holy House. Martha, October 31, 2019. And the love of God “is tears of tenderness in Jesus”.
On the Damascus Way, the pope emphasized in his homily, St. Paul “fell in love with Christ”, a “strong love”, “great”, “serious”, to the point of “feeling that the Lord always accompanied, in beautiful things as in bad ones.
And the pope to ask, “Do I love the Lord like that? When bad times come, how many times do you want to say, “The Lord has abandoned me, he does not love me anymore” and we would like to leave the Lord? But Paul was sure that the Lord never gives up. He understood in his life the love of Christ. This is the path that Paul shows us: the path of love, always, in good and bad times, always. ”
The love of Christ “can not be described”, insisted the pope: “he gave his life for me and there is no greater love than to give one’s life for another”. He gave the example of maternal love, which “gives his life for his child, accompanies him always in his life, in difficult times … but it is still little … The love of Jesus is a close love from us … from each of us, with a name and a name. ”
In the Gospel of Luke, the love of Jesus is so “concrete” that he “weeps”, Pope Francis observed: “The love of Christ leads him to tears, to tears for each one of us. What tenderness there is in this expression. If Jesus could “condemn Jerusalem, say harsh things” it was because he regretted that she “does not let herself be loved”.
“If we can not feel, to understand the tenderness of the love of God in Jesus for each one of us, never, we will never be able to understand what is the love of Christ,” he said. It is a love that is always waiting, patient, the love that plays its last card with Judas (calling it) “Friend”, who gives him his exit door, until the end. He also loves great sinners with this tenderness, until the end.
In conclusion, Pope Francis invited to think “to Jesus so tender, to Jesus who weeps, as he cried in front of the tomb of Lazarus, as he cried while looking at Jerusalem”.

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