Sunday, October 27, 2019

Saints observations as they destroy the Cardinals

1. Welcome back Drew Brees; wow!
2.  Much respect to Teddy Bridgewater
3.  Taysom Hill is awesome
4.  Sorry I doubted you Latavius Murray, you r a stud!
5.  Offensive line another super job
6.  McCoy proved he is one tough center
7.  Michael Thomas, nuff said!
8.  Drew Brees 373 yards 3 TD
9.  Defense playing confident.
10.  Love the run defense especially 
11.  Awesome job by LB and DB too
12. No more FG misses Mr Lutz, that’s 3 in 2 weeks
13.  2 minute offense before half big time screw up
14.  Cause it needs to be said: Sean Payton coach of year!
15. 7-1 first place, pulling for Panthers to lose today.
16.  Enjoy your off week!

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