Monday, October 28, 2019

One weird weekend

Already facing a weekend with no internet and looking forward to the deacon convocation, lo and behold we get hit Saturday morning with an unexpected weather event.  A tropical storm formed named Olga but we were assured no wind event for the Northshore, just rain.  Wrong!  Wind gust blew 50 mph and higher for a long time.  Thousand with no power, trees down everywhere, it was a mess; mostly a huge inconvenience, nothing like loss of life or injuries; thank God.

We lost power for 8 hours, short time compared to many but our water pump failed and had to be repaired on a Sunday, a couple of hundred dollars later, I got water.  Oh, the internet, maybe today according to ATT.

But I made it to the deacon convocation; a wonderful time spent with our Archbishop, both LSU and Saints won, our church, being active in both the EF and OF, had a traditional Christ the King procession(old calendar) and was able to celebrate all scheduled masses despite the storm and the aftermath.

I really hope my internet is back soon so I can quit running to McDonalds to blog, but hey, thank goodness for the golden arches.


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