Sunday, October 13, 2019

My Saints observations week 6

1.  I continue to be somewhat surprised, although pleasantly, that the Saints have not lost since Drew Brees injury and Teddy Bridgewater as starter.
2.  Where was this defense weeks 1 & 2?
3.  So I love the defense now; between Dallas game and today the defense is playing lights out.
4.  You could tell Kamara was not 100% healthy but he is still a beast.
5.  RB Murray stepped up some.
6.  Offensive line is just stellar.
7.  Jared Cook, you are starting to make me smile; keep it up and I'll happily eat my previous words.
8.  Eli Apple played well, yeah I know, really
9.  Starting to really like this LB corps.
10.  Even Davenport is playing good defense lately.
11.  Every time someone punts to us, why am I holding my breath and crossing my fingers?
12.  Saints remain in 1st place despite the coming from nowhere Carolina Panthers.
13.  I like the control Teddy Bridgewater executed in 4th quarter.
14.  Isn't is a great Sunday when Saints win and Atlanta and Dallas lose?  It is!
15.  Do more with Taysom Hill at QB, please.
16.  What a domination of Leonard Fournette.
17.  We still have incredible kickers.
18.  Sean Payton always looks like he is completely in control.
19.  How good can this team be?
20.  Saints win, 4 in a row, now 5-1, first place NFC South; nuff said.

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