Sunday, October 20, 2019

5 in a row with Teddy at the helm; Saints beat up da Bears

Here are my observations from today's Saints win over Chicago:

1.  No Brees, No Kamara, no Cook, no problem.
2.  In reality, Saints dominated the Bears and score should be worse for the Bears.
3.  Teddy Bridgewater is 5-0 as a starter and had some real nice passes today.  Growing every week as a starting QB.
4.  T. Murray was outstanding in the RB spot especially with Kamara out.
5.  I almost don't miss Mark Ingram anymore, almost.
6.  Ted Ginn, after a few drops, comes up big.
7.  What about that Saints offensive line.  Played lights out all game long.
8.  Taysom Hill is just fun to watch.
9.  Josh Hill played very well.
10.  Saints dominated in both yards from scrimmage and time of possession.
11.  Defense; what about that Saints defense.
12.  D-line is incredible; dominate against the run.
13.  Cam Jordan is the boss.
14.  Davenport is no longer a bust.
15.  LB's looked really good today; a solid unit.
16.  Praying Apple's injury not bad; he too has come on this year.
17.  Lattimore another solid effort.
18.  The blocked punt was awesome but it should have been a TD.
19.  The punt return by Harris was way too good to be called back; what a shame.
20.  Perhaps the worst game of Will Lutz's Saint career; his kickoffs contributed to the Bears 7 points and he outright missed two makeable FG's.
21.  Sean Payton is a great coach.
22.  Mitchell Trubisky was clearly not up to playing today; Chase Daniels should have played.
23.  Did we notice that the Arizona Cardinals are playing well; see you next week.
24.  I think Bridgewater should start next week and Drew get 2 more weeks of rehab and rest.
25.  Anxious to hear any updates on Kamara, Cook, Smith and now Apple.
26.  Saints defense is currently Super Bowl worthy.
27.  At 6-1, without Brees, this record is better than I thought Saints would be now even with Brees.
28.  Saints fans were pretty dominate too in Soldier Field; impressive
29.  To improve upon: Saints left way too many points on the field.  Could easily have added 18 more points.
30.  Very much continue to like this vibe on this Saints team.  Overall unbelievable performance since Drew Brees went down.  I mean no one, no one, expected Saints to win like this after the thumb injury.  Way to Geaux Saints!

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