Saturday, July 13, 2019

For the Greater New Orleans area, Hurricane Barry reminds me of a Diana Ross classic: no wind, no rain

But I'm not complaining and have really enjoyed this incredible break in the relentless hot weather that has been overwhelming for far too long.

Because so many of you read this from across the country despite anything you have heard or seen from any national media, the Greater New Orleans area did just fine.  This was a brief Cat 1 Hurricane that actually landed near Lafayette about 150 miles away.  There was no over-topping of the Mississippi River that has been breathlessly proclaimed for days now and no wide-spread flooding.  For many of us, this was an all good event.

However, please keep two things in mind.  Someone got a direct hit, somewhere between Morgan City and Lafayette.  The impacts near these areas are much more serious.  Some of the areas close to New Orleans, places called lower Terrebonne Parish, lower Plaquemines Parish are indeed dealing with water.  The water is tidal surge from a persistent south wind compounded by still too high water levels in Lake Pontchartrain and the Mississippi River.  This high water situation still has the opportunity to adversely impact neighbors close by if the rivers that run near them rush out of their banks like happened in 2016.  For those of us north of New Orleans in St. Tammany Parish that is mostly reserved to three rivers with incredibly interesting names:  Tchefuncte, Bogue Falaya, Bogue Chitto.  These are the closest to us; there may be more as the week progresses.

So the vast majority, indeed the use of the word vast is accurate, escaped Barry with nary a problem.  As I stated earlier, no complaints here, thanks be to God.  And we remember to pray and be prepared to help any Louisiana neighbors who will deal directly with Barry impacts.

Finally, the national news and forecasting and all that Jim Cantore hype: a pox on all of you.  You honestly seem not to realize how awful you are and what a disservice to the area and family and friends depending on you for information.

Keep praying for places like my home state of Louisiana; Barry was a close call and it is only July.  Remember, hurricane season lasts through November and August 15th through September 15th is the worst part of the season.

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