Sunday, June 23, 2019

Sunday reflections on the Solemity of Corpus Christi and one red hot weekend down south

Yep, on this solemnity of Corpus Christi it is darn hot, way too hot considering it's not yet July or August.  I really respect the Bishops, Priests and Deacons, in full vestments, who participate in the special Eucharistic processions for this great solemnity.  Many walk several blocks in heat indexes north of 100 degrees.  Our parish choose to do our procession on Thursday evening, the date of the traditional Feast of Corpus Christi and celebrated with a traditional Latin Mass per the 1962 missal.  Since I was in Slidell that evening for a Safe Environment Seminar I just happened to arrive in Abita Springs in time to catch the procession as they made their way to the second block of the route with Fr. Charles carrying the Blessed Sacrament.  It was a beautiful, visible witness to our Catholic faith in this idyllic small town, where the Catholic Church, St. Jane de Chantal, is the center and heart of the community.

Saturday turned out to be one of those days that I did not expect to be so crazy busy.  Early in the morning I was at the church office and spent some time meeting with an engaged couple who I will be preparing for a November wedding.  Leaving the office I realized that even in the morning, we would be dealing with an insufferably hot day.  That did not deter me from a myriad of errands that seemed to take forever, including an overdue haircut and a trip to a grocery store; something I dislike very much.  Once home and lunch consumed I decided, very foolishly, to cut grass, in the heat of the day.  Now that is a problem but also a problem is staying out there too long and realizing that you have precious little time to clean up, get dressed and drive to town to assist as Deacon at the 4 pm mass.  That is cutting things too close yet all went off without a hitch.  To my surprise we had a much larger crowd for the vigil mass than usual.  After Mass, Wendy and I made our way to the parish hall for the evenings Knights of Columbus Installation and Awards Banquet.

Our KC council was formed in 1999 so we have navigated 2 years of service to the parish and the community.  I was privileged to serve as the council's 2nd Grand Knight back in 2000-2002.   It was a nice evening, good food, celebrating the traditions of the Knights, and then Wendy and I were announced as the Family of the Year for 2018-19.  We were both surprised and humbled by the recognition from our Council.  As a Deacon I do what I can but Wendy and I are far from the behind the scenes guys yet we offer whatever help we can.  I am honored to serve our 4th degree Assembly as a chaplain and never miss a 4th degree meeting.  So the honor last night was so special as I believe it was affirmation from my council to keep on being the best Deacon possible for my parish and affirmation for my wife who is such a help to me but a strong matriarch in our family in her own right.

This morning, another scorcher, I assisted the 10 am mass and am now waiting to return for our 6 pm final mass of the weekend.  In between, I decided there will be no grass cutting today, it's just too hot and it is Sunday after all!  Considering my tractor needed a jump Friday to cut the grass, maybe I should just go out there and start the old gal.

Next week, for Sunday's at least, we return to green vestments as it is Ordinary Time, which began two weeks ago.  Of course we've had two huge feasts these past Sundays so no green has been seen.  And it will be a preaching weekend so a busy week ahead for he Deacon.

Meanwhile, it promises to remain red-hot and humid for the weeks ahead.

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