Sunday, May 12, 2019

On Mother's Day 2019

Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there and a special recognition to grandma's, god-mothers, foster moms, adoptive moms, role model moms even those special stand up dads who serve as both mom and dad.  The gift of motherhood is beautiful and best exemplified for us Christians through the life, witness and love of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mary most holy, Mary the mother of Jesus, therefore, Mary the Mother of God.

I remembered today both my mom, gone since 2007, and Wendy's mom, gone only since last November.  I reminded Wendy that just a year ago we high tailed it from Slidell to Hammond, to visit with her mom and take her to her favorite little steak house in Hammond.  It was probably the last meal we had with her outside of a hospital or nursing home.

And to make this Mother's Day unique, the deacon here caught one heck of a nasty stomach bug that has kept him close to the house since Thursday night.  I've missed work, an important meeting, Sunday mass and of course all things Mother's Day.  So Wendy got her own thing going on for the weekend; a Saturday spent with her sister, food and something called mani/pedi's then today she spent all day with Elizabeth and Brennan.  I hope she has had a wonderful day.  If I told you my contribution you would laugh; after she left today I cleaned and cleaned the bathroom; trust me, it was the least I could do.

The morning dawned kind of early for me so I immediately saw the news that one of our beloved deacons from our parish had passed after a long illness.  Deacon Don was already with us for 11 years when I finally was ordained so I count him as one of my role models.  His greatest service to our parish was his management of our mission church located in rural Bush, about 20 miles away from Abita Springs.  He did everything there; and I mean everything.  He also, along with the help of his wife Dottie, offered some incredible Bible Studies through the years.  While his passing was expected and we are confident puts him where we all hope to go, he will be missed.  Deacon Don was a great man of faith, a great Deacon and a devoted husband, father, grand-father.  Join me in praying for his soul and for peace and comfort for his wife and family.

I'm tired now, time to try and catch a nap but not before I wish all you mom's a very Happy Mother's Day.

Now I hope I can get on my feet in the week ahead.

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