Saturday, May 4, 2019

Did you know that there was a Pontifical High Mass at Notre Dame Seminary in the Octave of Easter

Photos of Pontifical Mass in New Orleans Seminary

Last week, His Excellency Glen Provost, bishop of Lake Charles, Louisiana, celebrated a Pontifical Mass of Easter Saturday in the chapel of Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans. We are very happy to share these photos with our readers, because they show once again that it is especially the young who are working so diligently to preserve and promote our Catholic liturgical tradition. It is also a very good sign that the traditional liturgy can now not just be celebrated, but celebrated in its fullest and most elaborate form, within a seminary. Our thanks to Bishop Provost and to the staff of Notre Dame Seminary for this important step in making the fullness of the Roman Rite known and available to the upcoming generation of priests.

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