Monday, March 18, 2019

Monday Morning Lenten Homily from Pope Francis

Santa Marta - Copyright: Vatican Media

Pope Offers Suggestions to Live this Lent Fully, During His Morning Homily

During Morning Mass, Francis Reminds Importance of Not Just Material, But Spiritual Almsgiving

Pope Francis has given some suggestions on how to live this Lent fully.
According to Vatican News, Pope Francis gave the advice during his daily morning Mass at Casa Santa Marta as he reflected on today’s Gospel account from St. Luke (Lk 6: 36-38).
One of Francis’ recommendations was not to judge and criticize others, and in doing this, he stressed, you imitate God’s mercy. The Holy Father reminded those gathered of God’s infinite mercy.
During this season of fasting, prayer and almsgiving, Francis urged faithful to be generous, not “with closed pockets.”
The Pope decried “gossiping,” in which we “continually judge and condemn others,” in which it becomes “increasingly difficult to forgive.”
“The Lord teaches us: ‘Give’. ‘Give and it will be given to you’: be generous in giving. Don’t have “closed pockets”; be generous in giving to the poor, to those in need and also in giving so many things: giving advice, giving people smiles, smiling. Always give, give.”
He reminded that when you give, it will be given back to you, for God always gives us a hundred-fold of all that we give.
Pope Francis concluded, urging those present to embrace almsgiving, not only material alms, but also spiritual almsgiving, including “wasting time” with someone in need, visiting a disabled person, smiling.

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