Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Boy this is random but it's Mardi Gras evening, so I say: laissez les bon temps rouler!

Yep, you got through a Tuesday, we celebrated Mardi Gras.  Now let me be clear up front: I no longer actively participate in Mardi Gras, I appreciate it from afar and I really am most happy when it's finally over.  I'm a Lent kind of guy; love everything about Lent so therefore I tolerate Mardi Gras.  Of course Mardi Gras is a very Catholic holiday, hijacked by the secular world, but Mardi Gras for centuries has always been the pre-Lenten response within the teachings of the Catholic Church.  Trust me, what we see on the crazed, alcohol induced stupidity at Bourbon Street, etc. is not what Mardi Gras is supposed to be.  But as stated earlier, farewell Mardi Gras, bring on Lent and Ash Wednesday.  Tomorrow is a time to receive ashes, understanding why we do so, to abstain and fast, to deepen our prayer time and almsgiving and prepare for Easter.

Now long before we get to all that, in my family, we have plenty to celebrate in March.  So my birthday was yesterday, my son Jimmy celebrates a birthday this very day and tomorrow is baby Brennan's very 1st birthday.  Brennan is about to turn 1-year old!!  Very exciting.  And to properly celebrate, a very big party is scheduled for this coming Saturday.

I am very much prepared for a busy month.  March means many projects and trainings for me at work, the busy season of Lent for a Permanent Deacon and time to get busy with springtime grass cutting.

My hope as we start Lent tomorrow is that so many will come home to Jesus by coming home to the church and the true faith; contact us, consider making an appointment for confession or just come and have your questions answered, experience the celebration of the Mass, inquire of the hundreds and hundreds of special programs offered through the Church for the glory of God by service to others.

Well maybe this was not so random as I thought it would be but I am ready for Lent and all that March has to offer.

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