Sunday, March 25, 2018

A reminder every Palm Sunday: don't be an ass!

In today's Gospel at the beginning of Mass, before the procession, we read of Jesus acquiring a foal of an ass to ride into Jerusalem.  Unlike a conquering king who most likely would ride on a grand horse, Jesus rode on the foal of an ass.

The day after that 1st Palm Sunday, that same young donkey awoke with all the memories of the day before fresh in his mind.  He recalled the adoring crowd, the palm branches, the shouts of Hosanna and he liked it.  He thought if only I can make it to town again today, the people will adore me one more time.

So the little fella got away for the day and walked to town arriving at the well.  Many women were there, collecting water.  Surely they all will remember him and again offer praise.  But no one took notice of the young donkey, only to shoo him away when he became a nuisance.  Maybe none of these folks were there yesterday, he thought.  I know, he said, I'll go over to the market in the center of town, there will be many folks there to welcome me with shouts of joy and palm branches.  But again, no one even paid attention to the foal of an ass.  And again, the only attention he received was when someone would shoo him away.

Dejected and a little hurt, the young donkey ran home, with a tear in his eye and asked his mom, why was my welcome so different from the day before?  After all, just yesterday there was palm branches and shouts and cloaks laid on the road where my hooves would pass.  But today, nothing!  Why momma, cried the young colt.

The momma answered quickly; oh my young foolish son.  Yesterday you had Jesus riding on your back and today you did not.  Without Jesus, remember, you're only an ass!

Let this be a good reminder for each of us; without Jesus, we are only an ass!  Don't be an ass; have Jesus along for every journey of our life!

> Thanks to Father Dean<

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