Wednesday, January 31, 2018

We just started 2018 and it's February already; fast!

Time moves fast at this stage of my life, I guess this is normal?  I am not so sure but it is my reality.  Not long ago we ushered in the New Year, watched a ton of college football and were cheering on our own New Orleans Saints into the playoffs.

January will be a mixed bag for me and my family as the most recent memories surround my wife Wendy's hospitalization and diagnosis followed by a wicked head cold/ear infection for yours truly.  I'm pretty much recovered, Wendy not so much.  This is our 1st experience with blood transfusions so we are told it takes a little time to get up to speed.  So more recovery awaits Wendy.

Looking back, we just celebrated Life, by being a witness to the evil and wrong associated with Roe v Wade.  This strong witness for Life, led by mostly Catholic Christians, was indeed powerful but sadly, not convincing enough for the Senators of this nation to vote for the killing of babies even when medical science prove these babies feel pain.  I posted earlier all the Catholic Senators who put party and policy over God, Church and Life.

Speaking of Life, looking forward, February very well may be the month Wendy and I welcome another grand baby.  Our daughter Elizabeth informed us today that the doctor is leaning towards making sure little Brennan Leigh is here before March 1st dawns.  This will be exciting as Brennan will join Calvin and Katelynn as our beautiful, wonderful grandchildren

Going back to January we recall some of the coldest, winter like weather we have had in these parts.  There were 5 days in a row of freezing weather, all the way down to 15 degrees.  We had frozen rain, sleet an a little snow but the extended amount of time below freezing took a local toll on pipes and water pressure.  Even we experienced one morning without water until a hairdryer did the trick.  Some early forecasts show that there will be cold again in February, not necessarily super freezing cold weather and on the wet side but February always promises some hints of spring.  By the way, notice that it is staying lighter longer in the evening?  Yep, mother nature does this on her own, there still is no need to spring forward and fall back every year; it's quite ridiculous.

January gave us some memorable moments with Pope Francis as he traveled to Chile and Peru.  In February the Pope will be involved in plenty of Lenten events including his Lenten Retreat.

February bring us locally the spectacle of all things Mardi Gras, culminating with Fat Tuesday on February 13th.  On Valentine's Day, the 14th, we realize that it is also Ash Wednesday, a full day of abstinence and penance, uh, oh!  Remember you are dust and to dust you shall return.  Then comes Fridays with Stations of the Cross and our big parish fish fry dinners.  There is lots to do in February.

So for now, let's thank God for the gift of January, the promise of February, for renewed health for my wife and the gift of Life, in our relentless Pro-Life pursuits and the arrival of Brennan Leigh.

Onward into February 2018, you will go by so fast!

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