Wednesday, January 24, 2018

God's hand is in it all and our thankful attitude sometimes must persevere when things are tough

Very often I take to Facebook and try and encourage folks with God's promise, his love and mercy and how He is all we need in all times and all circumstances.  Of course sometimes this is easy to embrace when indeed all is well, a lot tougher when things are not so well.

So today my wife Wendy, my bride of over 40 years, is resting comfortably in a hospital.  She has complained for days about intense stomach pain, and without getting graphic, is losing some blood from the GI tract.  It appears we may be looking at a wicked intestinal infection and/or acute diverticulitis.  Her pain has eased some, thanks to antibiotics and today she is receiving blood transfusions.  I trust that her doctors will get to the bottom of this and get her back home soon.

Wendy and I don't talk about it much but we understand that we are not in control.  We trust that God's hand is in it, even during times just like these.  And we also know that suffering, probably appreciated can be used to help us, in prayer, uniting our suffering to that of Christ.  So we embrace the salvific aspects of suffering.

Now make no mistake, I need Wendy home and healthy, we have a lot to do short term and time's a wasting.  Yet, we must embrace the rest that comes along with recovery and we must put all our trust in God!

Get well Wendy!

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