Monday, January 1, 2018

And what about LSU

So we begin 2018 with another bowl loss to Notre Dame and under achieving results compared to so many promising expectations.  LSU's defense looked girlish on the final drive of the day as Notre Dame calmly and spectacularly snatched victory from Tiger jaws of defeat.  LSU was let down tremendously by the kicking game, chumps both of them, and a very mediocre ho-hum QB.  And the defense today was no better.  What a disappointing effort, complete failure from what is becoming a laughable coaching staff and less than stellar athletic execution.

In hindsight today's effort makes it understandable that LSU lost to Troy; programs on a par with Troy are becoming as good as a LSU.  Also, today's performance tells us that LSU will not be able to beat Alabama anytime in the foreseeable future.  What is mind scratching is how did this team pull out wins against anybody in the SEC especially Auburn?  I do have an idea about that last question; LSU managed SEC victories because on balance, outside of Alabama and Georgia, the rest of the SEC pretty much sucks!

LSU once again has some incredible recruits recently signed but year after year this proves not to be enough.  Some of this stellar super stars wind up transferring out while others never see the playing field.  The coaching is inept, to be polite, and the overall scheme, coordination and communication can all be summarized in the following word: CHAOS.

At best, without major changes, LSU will be stuck in the 7-5 to 9-3 slot with disappointing bowl results or incredibly insignificant bowl selections.  Gone for quite some time are hopes of a championship and ever playing in things like the Sugar Bowl.

LSU must consider immediately the following, despite the costs:

fire Joe Alleva immediately
fire Coach O-no immediately
leave no stone unturned in the selection of a coach that can take LSU to next level
try and recruit Louisiana a whole lot better than you do
find a real QB, there has to be a real QB that wants to play for LSU(or maybe not)

I love LSU football; been a fan for over 50+ years.  I'm fan enough to acknowledge that LSU football is broken and better get fixed soon; like this week.

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