Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas to all Saints fans courtesy of the New Orleans Saints: 11 wins and going to the playoffs

We already know I did not predict this but indeed these are facts:

The New Orleans Saints dominated the Atlanta Failcons today and beat them by 10 points.
The New Orleans Saints are going to have a great winning record, already have won 11, 1 game to go.
The New Orleans Saints have clinched a trip to the playoffs, the first time since the 2013 season.
The New Orleans Saints can win the NFC South outright with a victory over Tampa Bay next week or a Carolina loss to Atlanta(can I ever cheer for Atlanta).
The New Orleans Saints have a 4-1 record against the NFC South.
The New Orleans Saints are a good football team!

So what happens next?  The Saints still have some business to take care of; they need to beat Tampa on the road and watch what happens to Carolina against Atlanta.  Ironically, all three, the Saints, Panthers and Falcons can be in the playoffs.  When the dust settles after next weekends games, the Saints need to see where they land in the playoff seeds.  The Saints can't catch the Vikings, Eagles and Rams but instead would be as high as #4 and as low as #5.  Just for giggles, only #1 and #2 get a week off to rest, #4 would play #5 and #5 would play #4 so it looks like a 3rd game and 2nd rematch with the Panthers.  A victory over Tampa next week will determine home field for the playoff match.  I will trust more savvy football experts to check me on this but I can's see a scenario where we play the Rams or Falcons.

In any event, let's enjoy this heady 11-4 record, the unforeseen turnaround from last year and this year's horrible 0-2 start, and the emergence of some legitimate super stars from both last year and this year's draft.  Saints are looking very good for now and into the future; no major surprises notwithstanding.

I really love the RB tandem with the improved Mark Ingram and the stellar rookie Alvin Kamara.  The WR position is solidified with Michael Thomas and the improved play of Ted Ginn.  We almost can forget Brandon Cooks.  OL was stout and has a great rookie doing just fine.  Despite the up and down injuries, the OL looks set.  I predict too that Zach Strief will probably retire soon.

The D is brand new; hard hitting, aggressive and fun to watch.  Additions like Klein and rookie Latimore have been huge, but there are many others; I mean almost everyone who has taken a snap for the Saints D has contributed in some way.

So the Saints wish all of us, the fans, a big Merry Christmas with a much needed and always enjoyable win over the Falcons, a playoff berth and a phenomenal 11 win season!

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