Monday, November 20, 2017

The death of a deacon and a brother

I received this notice while here in NC recovering from that emergency appendectomy:

Dear Brothers,
Just wanted to inform the brothers of the 2008 Formation Group that Deacon Mike Zaiontz passed away this morning at about 10.30 AM.

The Funeral for Deacon Michael Zaiontz will be Friday, November 24th at noon.  It will take place at St. Benedict Catholic Church, 20370 Smith Road, Covington, LA.  Public visitation will be from 9AM until noon. 

My ordination class of 2008 has lost our 1st brother, Deacon Mike was a great classmate and a great Deacon!  He is survived by his wife Dale.  He moved to the Northshore a few tears back and was assisting at St. Benedict's and helping with ministry at the facility for those with mental and behavioral challenges.  In the past year it was a joy to run into Deacon Mike at the few deanery lunches I was able to attend.  

I am profoundly sorry that I did not visit him in his final weeks but had a great phone conversation about a month ago.  He will be missed, missed indeed.

Rest in peace Deacon Mike.

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