Sunday, November 19, 2017

At this point I want to be home

With 7-8 staples sticking out of my belly tonight, trying so hard to find more New Orleans Saints highlights, I just need to be home.  I am so thankful that the whole appendix ordeal is getting better, my care was exceptional and I was confronted by so much kindness, but I need to be home.  I am very blessed that I am watching my grandkids play, without me though as I can do little, and the help and hospitality from my NC family yet I need to be home.

Many of you will read this and say there goes Deacon Mike, all impatient and anxious, and you would be partially correct.  Let's be real, I have the time to be out from work, ministries can be rescheduled or reassigned and it is Thanksgiving week.  I am still ready to go with lots of fresh perspective after a serious health scare impacted our vacation, our precious time with family.  First, Wendy and I, based on some other, non-appendix related, health concerns just might not be able to endure 3-4 road trips per year.  Of that be the case, it is a hard reality to face.  Secondly, our normal schedules are such that to get on the road and to return home is chaos, and our vacations with the kids, often results in early mornings and long days.

This trip promised to be easier as friends along for the visit were doing all the driving.  Yet they returned home already and Wendy and I will make our way back via American Airlines; our first flights in over 5 years.  We should be home early Tuesday afternoon and settled in at home way before dark.  We will have a lot to do despite the large distraction of a big national holiday.  We need to figure out who and when regarding staple removal, what the financial impact has been counting the medical ordeal, extra hotel nights and extra rental car services for Wendy.  Yep, this will be a dent.  Yet, soon we will be home and all these things, and so much more, will begin to resolve as they get handled one by one.

Normally this week includes my pre Thanksgiving prison visit on Wednesday night, something I know won't happen this week.  Also, I have Baptisms and Masses after what turned out to be two Sundays off.  And there is work; for the love of all that is good there will be work.

Why share all this with everyone tonight; well, therapy for me and a lesson for all that planning requires lots of what-if contingencies.  Thank goodness we have handled most of them.

I want to mention the hospital again that I was in because of the kindness and the overall great care: Moses Cone Memorial Hospital.  I believe the good folks that cared for me the most are referred to as the north tower crew.  Also the nice visits from the clergy did oh so much for me and I was thrilled today that when we attended mass at St Pius X, the deacon who visited me was there and we had a brief moment to reconnect.  I also had a great visit with the Pastor.

So my Sunday night reflection is done, one more day to relax and see the family, then I'm coming home!  The rest, we handle after that!

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