Friday, October 13, 2017

Pope still preaching on Friday the 13th

Santa Marta: Warning Against Worldliness
Pope Reminds Christians to Make Examination of Conscience

Pope Francis celebrates morning Mass in the Domus Sanctae Marthae
Beware of worldliness.
According to Vatican Radio, Pope Francis gave this reminder today, Oct. 13, 2017, during his daily morning Mass in his residence Casa Santa Marta, as he reflected on a reading from Luke’s Gospel where Jesus casts out a demon.
Drawing inspiration from the episode, Francis explained that worldliness is somewhat of a spell or a seduction, as the devil enters “so sweetly, politely and takes possession of our attitudes.”
Our values go behind the scenes, the Pope noted, as the devil slowly changes our criteria to make us more worldly.
“It camouflages our way of acting, which we hardly notice. And so, the man, freed from the demon, becomes a bad man, a man burdened by worldliness. And that’s exactly what the devil wants – worldliness.”
All this, Francis highlighted, distances us from the Lord. As a result, he pointed out, we become “lukewarm Christians, worldly Christians.”
Turning to how to not be swayed, the Pope reminded, Only Christ crucified will save us from the demons that make us “slide slowly into worldliness” and from this “stupidity” and “seduction.”
Since the Lord asks us be watchful in order not to enter into temptation, Francis pointed out, Christians have to be awake, watchful and careful.
“Watchful means understanding what goes on in my heart,” the Pope said, adding, “ It means stopping for a while to examine my life, whether I educate my children, whether my life is Christian or worldly?”
Pope Francis concluded, exhorting Christians to examine whether they look up to Christ crucified, pray the Way of the Cross in order to understand the price of Salvation, “not just from sins but also from worldliness.”

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