Saturday, October 7, 2017

A little Hurricane update from Abita Springs

On this Saturday morning we are awaiting the winds and the rain of a hurricane; Nate to be specific!  As of 9 AM we are expecting a close call as current forecasts call for the eye to make landfall some 45-50 miles east of us.  Of course this is not written in stone as storms can jog/move even at the last minutes prior to landfall.  And even if this event does come in east of us, we can still expect sustained winds of about 40 mph and gusts higher.  Rain should be heavy as well.  The storm is very much east loaded so that's good for us.  Here in my area there will be several impacts and we most likely will lose power.  That sure has an impact on my blogging.  But if that becomes my biggest inconvenience, I can live with that!

Because Hurricane Nate is a fast mover, experts say it will be completely out of here and located way up in northern Alabama by early afternoon Sunday.  Local folks say if this forecast holds, Monday should be a day for schools and work to be back up and running; power permitting.

Masses in my area for this evening and tomorrow are still scheduled to go on but our Archbishop has issued a statement that all must be safe and use common sense.  I will post the statement in full below.

So I hope to be back in communication with you as soon as possible.  I will update today.  In case you are wondering, whatever the most intense impacts will be for me here in Abita Springs that should come sometime between 10 pm tonight and 4 am Sunday morning!

Here is the Archbishop's statement.............

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